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Agilion is a Burlington, Vermont based web and mobile app development team that serves customers in Boston, New York, Montreal and across the U.S. We specialize in efficiently transforming business plans into successful applications.

Our team is ready to bring your idea to life.


Planning for Success

Our LeanVision™ planning process is a proven methodology that transforms your business idea into an actionable technology development plan.

Our process reduces the overall project cost and delivery timeframe, and provides invaluable insight and planning support from experienced application developers and designers.

Design & Development

Once planning is complete, we begin an agile process of designing the end result web application from a user perspective. Our goal is to get your application in front of potential customers as early as possible to validate your business model.

We transition quickly from design to application development. This is the stage when we turn your static demo into a fully functioning and production ready web application.

Exceptional Support

Once development of your application is complete, we are there to help you figure out what's next. We offer a number of support services that will ensure your application stays secure and running smoothly for years to come.

These services include security monitoring and updates, emergency downtime support, and additional short-term development support.

Our Customers Love Us

Jason Adams

Jason Adams

Director, Mercatus

"Adam and the Agilion team continued to exceed expectations; delivering innovation, high quality, and quick results. Early on Agilion integrated with our organization taking the time to fully understand our business model and value proposition prior to development. They then were able to flawlessly translate that understanding into a clean, intuitive, and industry leading webapp."

The Mercatus platform provides asset managers a streamlined dealflow and diligence process to acquire solar projects.

Kyra Kristof

Kyra Kristof

Co-Founder, Provender

"The Agilion team helped us focus and execute on the core benefit of our product and allowed us to launch an initial version within a month."

Provender is an online marketplace for chefs and grocers to buy directly from local farms. Provender aggregates producers onto a calendar chefs and restauranteurs can browse and buy with two taps.

James Jennings

James Jennings

Founder, @1

"What set Agilion apart was their methodology and being exceptionally good and responsive listeners … Their developers and designers helped us clarify our thinking, focus on the core value of our application and not be distracted by less distinctive features. That focus reduced development time and cost as well as ensuring we had a market-ready product at the end of development."

@1 is a leadership operating system that makes it easier and more affordable to improve individual and organizational performance. Our cloud-based application is a simple and tightly-woven set of best practices supplemented by weekly one-on-one performance coaching.

Example Apps

Provender Screen shot


Provender helps farmers manage inventory the only place they want to: in the ground. Farmers, or their more tech-savvy sons and daughters, take photos of their crop as it matures.

Provender’s B2B exchange shows chefs what’s fresh today, what will be picked next week, and what they can expect in a month. All chefs have to do is select what they want, and farmers deliver to their door that day or the next morning.

Energy Minder Screen shot

Energy Minder

Energy Minder is an energy efficiency "social media"-style program that allows you to share your successful energy efficiency tips and and experiences with other Burlington Electric Dept customers.

This is an experimental program developed in conjunction with the Engineering School at the University of Vermont to see if social media can provide a good tool to encourage people to lower their energy usage.

Mercatus Screen shot


The Mercatus platform provides asset managers a streamlined dealflow and diligence process to acquire solar projects.


A team of well rounded designers and developers ready to build your next application.

Adam Bouchard


Adam is a product innovator who enjoys helping customers implement the right product/market fit. Adam's passion is recognizing patterns, opportunities, bringing together talented individuals and creating elegant solutions across various business domains. Adam's been developing web applications in Ruby on Rails since 2007, and enjoys staying on the cutting edge intersection between business and technology.

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Peter Brown


Peter is an experienced Ruby and Rails developer with a strong passion for software craftsmanship. His professional development experience includes building, maintaining, and leading a variety of enterprise-level Ruby on Rails web applications for fast-growth startups. He co-founded both the Burlington Web Application Group and the Burlington Ruby Group, and co-organizes the annual Burlington Ruby Conference.

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Patrick Berkeley


Patrick is passionate about developing simple, elegant interfaces for applications that solve complex problems. His education is in design, and he has been working with Ruby on Rails since 2007. Recently he has been enjoying using Backbone.js and D3.js to visualize large sets of time-series data. He co-founded the Burlington JavaScript group and enjoys creating graphics for the other local user groups.

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Alan Peabody


A Ruby developer since 2007, Alan is passionate about developing systems architecture and infrastructure that solves your problems. Alan relishes a challenge and gets really excited about high availability, scaling, distributed systems, functional programming and service oriented architecture.

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Brendan graduated with a degree in computer science from M.I.T in 2012 and joined Agilion in December 2013 upon relocating to Burlington, Vermont.

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Jordan worked 4+ years in the financial operations of international hedge funds before following his passion and joining a technology company. Over the past year, he has worked full-time on developing his skills as a web programmer, and he is excited to continue to learn and expand his skillset.

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